Bento Buddy

A complete replacement for Avastar.

This is a Blender 3d add-on for Blender 2.8 through current release, including Blender 3.

Compatible with Avastar/Blender/DAE Devkits.

Works with OpenSim as well (ie OSGrid etc.)

- This is a multi-faceted tool, some examples here -

► Creating clothing for devkits :

► Creating mesh bodies:

► Animation :

► Blender simulations :

Get Bento Buddy here
It is a fully functional mesh and animation manipulation package with unparalleled features.

Your exported devkits are compatible with other 3d applications and will not require a special tool, increasing your exposure to other professionals that do not use Blender.

Bento Buddy helps one manipulate mesh characters, their attachments and rigs without having to know much about Blender, 3d or the like.

One of Bento Buddy's key features is conditioning incompatible characters for use with Second Life/Opensim. There are included conversion modules for auto-mapping and you can build your own with the point and click interface.

Bento Buddy also exports skinned/rigged mesh, generates Bento characters from the compatible sources (DAZ, Makehuman) and head maps are Bento compatible.  Automatically skins/rigs garments to their corresponding body mesh (devkit), exports proper dae files, and the list goes on.

Not just for SL/OS Clothing. It's a tool for creating the base content (the devkit) to begin with.  Your exports will be compatible with all sane platforms, 3ds Max, Maya etc., including SL's format.

Exports .anim and bvh files, both provide you the ability to animate volume bones properly.  Attachment bones can be animated as well.

Bento Buddy can ...
► Animate for Second Life. Export .anim or BVH files, both support volume bone animations
► Convert an arbitrary animation from any source to Second Life or Opensim -
► Quickly skin your garments (you may know this as rigging)
► Weight paint on multiple mesh at the same time
► Create followers easily and from any character / mesh
► Create Bento Heads
► Auto generate an Animesh from any rigged character, in seconds!
► Splice and Mix animations using the Splicer and Motion Mixer
► Helps you map a new rig for SL use, point and click without any coding or typing
► Create mesh from your skeleton, for quick prototype testing of animations and uploads
► Rescale your long animation to fit into a specific time-line, helps with SL uploads
► Character Morph System that automates shaping one character to another
► Auto generate deformers (corrective pose) or generate a mesh deformer instantly
► Auto-Key bones without having to remember what you moved/rotated
♦ ... the list continues and there's constant additions and updates

- Instant Conversions for the following -
► Mixamo :
► Makehuman :
► Manuel Bastioni LAB :
► Character Creator 3 :
► VRoid Studio :
► DAZ Genesis 2, 8 Male/Female :
▼ ... and more

You can map any character yourself if these don't work for you.  We'll often times map a character for you because it's really that easy, just ask.

These maps also allow you to retarget the associated animation, if there is one.


Bento Buddy does not expire, use it as long as you wish, it's yours.  There is NO web site or Internet service that you need to access in order to continue using this product.  Bento Buddy does not contact any servers for continued use, does not require that you maintain an Internet connection, there's no DRM and no encrypted data.

We continue to update your product for you.